The plan is to first cause no harm. With that being said, the plan is to educate society, on the medical benefits for seniors and medicinal marijuana. The plan is to show seniors that CBD and medicinal marijuana is a much healthier combination than opioids and zanax. The plan is to help seniors in any capacity, from teaching on natural medicine, to showing exercises that are sustainable, and to teach what product is best for their individual circumstances. The plan is to give in house coaching or in my office. The plan is to get seniors off of prescription drugs, offering a much better option so seniors can live their best life. 

What is

The Plan?

CBD can be incorporated into all foods & drinks.

One of the quickest ways to absorb CBD into the body is to use the flower method smoking. Another option is vaping.

A drop of CBD a day will keep the narcotics away.

Different strains of THC can serve for various conditions including anxiety, depression, and physical pain.

Marijuana dates back thousands of years as a pain and medicinal remedy.

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