Celebrating the success stories of a Pauline's impact.

The following are testimonials from a few seniors who have been positively impacted by Pauline's guidance and medication strategy.

Dawn from Simi Valley

Dawn from Simi Valley:

"I was diagnosed with a very aggressive fast growing breast cancer.
I was so worried about the chemotherapy destroying my organs.
Paula helped me by telling me about the benefits of marijuana.
She gave me some tea to try and also some edibles .
I never tried them before but I wanted to save my organs so I took it while
I was doing chemo. I had to do 6 hour chemo for 5 months every 3 weeks .
It was not easy but I did it and fought every day for my life.
After I was done the doctors checked my heart and my other organs and had no damage.
I'm a big believer in marijuana and I would recommend it for anybody who
has to fight cancer .
Thank you so much Paula for helping me save my life with your magic cannabis.
I will be grateful for ever
god bless you , much love.

Steve A.

Steve from Monterey Park:

"My 84, year old mom was struggling with daily chores, having no energy, she would not even get out of bed most days. A friend mentioned Pauline’s life coaching, specializing in gerontology so I called Pauline. She came to my mom’s house with some candy. It looked similar to the hard candy called Jolly Ranchers. Anyway Pauline gave my mom just a very small portion, TALKED ABOUT WHAT TO EXPECT and my mom said she had slept better than she had in years. Two days later mom was outside watering the plants and smiling. Now my mom medicates with Pauline’s candy and tea AND CBD has totally stopped Ambien and zanax.

Thanks to Pauline and medical marijuana and candy I have my active mom back,

Forever grateful,"

Alex from Santa Ana

Alex from Santa Ana writes:

"I met Pauline through a mutual friend, I found Pauline very easy to talk to and before I knew it, I was telling Pauline about my struggles with pain medication, as a 65 year old man I took pain meds for many years but, it did not seem to work anymore. Pauline explained that she herself became addicted to zanax and Lortab. Hard core prescription medication was one of Pauline’s biggest struggles, she said she stopped prescription meds with medicinal marijuana. I was impressed with Pauline’s story so I agreed to try it. Pauline suggested trying to use it as a tea, and then I tried the CBD oil, between the two I feel better than I have in years. I am slowly weening off the prescription meds and hopefully I will be narcotic free in a couple of weeks.

Thanks Pauline I will recommend you to my friends."

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