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Bachelor of Science in Psychology / Master of Science in Human Behavior/ Specializing in Gerotology

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I have been an advocate for medical marijuana for 25 plus years. I tried marijuana when I was twelve and used on and off for many decades, including today. Through life’s many stressors, and there were many, one common denominator was that marijuana kept me from the evils of depression and other mental health issues. Through the years I suffered with many medical issues including but not limited to Muscular Sclerosis, (3) broken back bones in my 20’s, a shattered collar bone and too many to continue. I have also suffered from different mental health issues including but not limited to suicide, depression, anxiety… Anyway, I knew many years ago that marijuana was a natural way for me to deal with my stressors/pains.


In my early 50’s I found myself in a situation that I could not live with, the details are not important, anyway I attempted suicide after a 3year addiction to zanax and opioids. I ended up in a hospital suffering from withdraw of the prescription drugs. I took on the withdraw and was offered prescriptions drugs to ward off the withdraw, I declined. The experience was truly life altering, I decided then to make sure I never went through withdraws from prescription drugs again. I chose to go and finish my degree focusing on seniors, addiction, medicinal marijuana, and how to make seniors realize there is a natural drug out there that helps with many of life’s illnesses, including but not limited to cancer, depression, loneliness, fatigue…


I studied the different strains, etibles, oils, vapors and have helped seniors with arthritic issues, lack of mobility, and cancer symptoms. I am also a senior who uses medicinal marijuana to help get through life’s struggles and can help any senior who wants a natural alternative to prescription drugs. The alternative that helps with appetite, insomnia, depression and many other illnesses, medical and mental.

Life Coaching with Pauline will help educate seniors and the general public on the many benefits of medical marijuana, CBD, and other natural cures that make the golden years more satisfying and rewarding. Learn how to enjoy life again with no horrible side effects. 

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